Why Vamos?

We are a Spanish speaking primary care provider serving West Valley City, UT. If you’ve ever wished healthcare was easier, Vamos understands.

Become a patient with us and:

  • Spend quality time with your family and loved ones instead of figuring out your health care
  • Feel welcome and celebrated in our clinics
  • Consult directly with Spanish speaking healthcare providers
  • Receive care in a modern, comfortable environment.

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A Navigator For You

Health means more than just medical concerns. Think of Vamos as your friendly community support system with all the right answers. Our Spanish speaking doctors help you:

Understand your options to prepare for your future

Address nonmedical concerns

Connect you to other helpful institutions & resources

A Special Welcoming Place

Immigrants and their families know that starting a brand new life in a new country can feel daunting. Through all the stresses and changes, Vamos stands as a welcoming place for families of all ages and generations. Our Spanish speaking doctors and staff start by addressing healthcare needs and serve to familiarize our patients with organizations and groups that can make life easier in your new home. We are excited to build a relationship with anyone who wishes they had an expert on speed-dial. Let’s get started!

Convenient Appointments

Vamos knows you work hard, we are built for you

Whether you’d like to meet in person or via telemedicine, we can be flexible because we know life can be busy. On top of that, you will meet with the same Spanish speaking healthcare provider you’ve come to know and trust at every visit.

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